NY Times article on Manufacturing in NYC feat. Lowercase

Link to the article: HERE

An interesting read on the Brooklyn Army Terminal, the space where Lowercase and many other NYC manufacturing is having a resurgence. 

A quote from the article, "The city is not renewing leases for tenants that primarily used the terminal for warehousing and distributing goods. Those tenants are being replaced with ones that promise to bring jobs and actually make things. The median employee salary at the Brooklyn Army Terminal ranges from $42,000 to $75,000 a year, according to the Economic Development Corporation."

This is important to us. Being able to provide products from companies who are not looking for loopholes or shortcuts, but provide a living wage for their employees. It is important for us as a store to have customers trust every single brand we carry has the same type of loyalty and devotion to craftsmanship and ethical manufacturing. Paying more for an item like Jeans, Shirts, or Sunglasses from us not only gets you premium fabrics and a higher level of attention to detail, It's voting with your dollar, letting companies know people still care about quality made garments.

Unfortunately, it seems modern globalism has trained people into thinking they should be paying for goods at an unreasonably cheap price due to, let's face it - border line slave labor conditions overseas. From most household goods and appliances to all clothing and accessories. Instead of asking yourself, "Why is this so expensive?" think, "Why is everything else so cheap?" 

There are exceptions to this rule, however. We're not saying just because an item is expensive that makes it good quality, quite the contrary. We just want everyone to be in the habit of doing research about the products they choose to buy. We are happy our customers share this vision and we enjoy educating as much as possible.

Keep up the good work Lowercase!