Introducing RHLW Co!

RHLW Co. (Riley Hardin Leather Works Company) is a newly founded leather goods brand based out of the great city of Austin, TX. We first discovered RHLW Co. by word of mouth. A good friend of mine was raving about his wallet and I just had to see what the hype was all about. That’s when I met Riley. Here is a guy who is doing everything the right way. Delivering a high-quality product, unique design and customer service as his corner stone. He offers a life time guarantee on his wallets. RHLW Co. is a single man operation in which he hand stitches, hand dyes, waxes, burnishes and stamps every piece himself.

Here is a quick Q & A we did with Riley;

WHT: For those who are unfamiliar with your brand, how would you describe RHLWco?

RHLW: RHLW Co. is a company from Austin, Tx. We specialize in making quality leather goods.

WHT: How long have you been at this, and why leather?

RHLW: We started in February of this year (2017). I chose leather because i have always wanted to make something with my hands. I did a little research and found that leather had so many unique characteristics that other materials don’t have and was immediately hooked!

WHT: Walk us through your creative process; what is your inspiration for starting a new design or project?

RHLW: I get inspiration from a lot of different things. Most of them just start as rough ideas in my head.
I give every idea a shot and what you see is the final cut of what works/looks the best. I actually have a full container in my shop that has nothing but samples that will probably never see the light of day.. I take what i like best from those samples and come up with the finish product.

WHT: What brands do you admire most in this business?

RHLW: Rogue Territory is one of my personal favorites. Everything they come out with always looks amazing!

Railcar and 3sixteen as well. They have a certain vibe and look to their product that i just cannot get enough of!

WHT: You offer a lifetime guarantee on your products, that means you’re in this for the long haul. Was there a turning point or realization that creating RHLWco is what you needed to do?

RHLW: Offering a lifetime guarantee was something that I had in mind from the start. I want to be here for the customer and help them out as much as I can. Coming from a heavy retail background, I always liked to see when companies backed their product, so why couldn’t I do the same?

WHT: What do you see next for RHLWco?

RHLW: A store front is one of the main goals for RHLW’s future!

But other than that, just expanding our product line. We have a lot of plans in the works for 2018 that will start to branch out outside of just wallets!

We are excited to be apart of Wright Hand Twill and cannot wait to show you all what we have in store!


RHLW Co. is now available at Wright Hand Twill. Check out the entire collection in our online shop now!