A new location

For 2019 we decided to head North, back to where this denim journey all began, Seattle, WA. This wasn't an easy decision. We made a lot of lasting relationships with loyal customers down in Portland and competing with other stores in the Seattle area is not an easy challenge. However, our approach has never been to compete head to head with shops who sell similar product, but rather to compliment each other. We want the ability to send each other customers and converse with those who appreciate the craft. We firmly believe bridges are better than walls and there is plenty of space in this world for all of us (hell, who doesn't own a pair of blue jeans?) 

This move will help us focus on our mission statement; bringing smaller brands and talented individual craftsmen into the spotlight, who have earned your attention through hard work, detail and an elevated level of excellence in their product and design. This move will also help us focus on creating more content - videos on our YouTube channel, interviews, editorials/blog posts and local workshops and classes. 

From now up until summer we have a lot on our plate. New products, new brands and exclusive collaborations on schedule to release soon! We've been working on these for the better part of a year and will share more details in the coming weeks. If you haven't, we strongly suggest you sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on all new releases and special events. 

Thank you to all of our customers and everyone who has helped support Wright Hand Twill, whether it be from purchasing products or simply spreading our brand through word of mouth, we appreciate you. For 2019, we look forward to leveling up your wardrobe and introducing you to talented new makers.