WHT Boro Patch work Denim

One of a kind, customized Left Hand Twill

About Wright Hand Twill

Wright Hand Twill was created to showcase brands and individuals who take pride in what they make. Specializing in raw, selvedge denim, we feature established denim and clothing makers along side up and coming craftsmen from the USA, Canada, Japan and Europe. 

Wright Hand Twill is a family business with many years of work in the denim industry. Established in 2017 by brothers Kevin and Jacob Wright, Wright Hand Twill offers a meticulously chosen selection of men’s garments. We feature in-house denim hemming on our vintage 1956 Union special 43200g sewing machine.

"Crafted for Longevity” reflects our belief that all clothing should be built to last and strive to innovate while preserving the past. We value clothing that gets better with wear and believe in repairing and continuing use rather than discarding and buying often. From historically accurate denim reproductions to sophisticated, refined contemporary styles, we believe quality of work comes first. We choose to only carry brands that produce the best products in the world for honest price points.

When selecting a brand to sell we look at every step of their process. From what types of cottons and materials are used, who is making them and on what type of machinery. From the dyeing and weaving, to the hardware and stitching techniques used, every detail matters. The most important aspect is having customers trust every product we carry is made ethically and with integrity.

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